Fusion Help


How do I set up a new Fusion radio? What’s Group Mode and how do I use it? Where do I figure out what firmware version I have? Okay, I just have questions about Fusion!

Well, this is the spot. This page contains links to documents written by Hams who were trying to do what you want to do and figured it out. (And wrote it down.) Check back frequently as we will be making constant additions to this resource.

If you spot any errors or have suggestions, contact K9EQ.

  1. Bullet  Fusion Nets (“Live document”), send updates!


K9EQ’s Fusion Radio Help and Tip Sheets

Help for Users

  1. Bullet    The WiRES-X Bible by WB7OEV Updated 26-Jun-2016

  2. Bullet   Firmware and Software Versions Updated 27-Feb-2017
             - DV4mini, and openSPOT

  3. Bullet   FT1/2DR Power Management and Battery Performance  4-Jun-2016
            - Now includes more FT1 data along with FT60 and VX8 comparisons

  4. Bullet    Using the FT-991 with Ham Radio Deluxe Updated 03-Oct-2016

  5. Bullet   Fusion Tips and Tricks 10-Apr-2016

  6. Bullet    Remote and Microphone Extension Cables for the FTM-400DR 19-Apr-2015

  7. Bullet    Changing time zones or DST 13-Mar-2016

Technical Help

  1. Bullet    Out-of-The-Box (OTB) DR-1 Interface - linking to analog systems - without any lock-ups 25-Mar-2016

  2. Bullet    DR-1X Technical Supplement - Includes schematics and wiring diagrams

  3. Bullet    FT1DR Technical Supplement

  4. Bullet    FT-991 Technical Supplement

  5. Bullet    Radio Modifications - Current just MARS Tx mod for the FTM-1/400 26-Mar-2016

  6. Bullet    NEW FTM-100 Tx Power Adjustment 24-Apr-2017

  7. Bullet    DR-1 Repeater Setup Guide 18-June-2015

  8. Bullet    Google group to discuss Fusion interfaces:

Fusion Information

  1. Bullet    Fusion Identification Cheat Sheet - model numbers, serial numbers, Tx ID, and more  27-Jun-2016

WiRES-X Node Information

  1. Bullet    How to setup Windows 7 for 24x7x365 remote access 25-Mar-2016

  2. Bullet    How to set up Windows 10 for 24x7x365 remote access 18-Apr-2016

  3. Bullet    Windows Tips and Troubleshooting - added USB power management 26-Sep-2016


  1. Bullet  NEW:  Why Digital? Cabin Fever Reliever Hamfest 18-Feb-2017 St. Joseph, MN (pdf)


  1. Bullet    WiRES-X Monitor 1.00 Used to remotely control a WiRES-X node (released Dec 2014) Note that 1.010 is on the Yaesu site.

  2. Bullet    DR-1(X) Firmware 1.00b (Only download if you are testing the CTCSS/DCS issues. Do not install on 1.10x firmware. Only install on 1.00x!)

  3. Bullet    FT1-DR 2.04 firmware USA only (In case you’re having troubles with the radio randomly stopping digital reception with firmware version 2.07) This has been an issue since April 2016 - amazing it has not been fixed as of 23-Oct-2016!!!!! Note: It is not necessary to downgrade the DSP.

  4. Bullet  NEW FT-991 Sept 2016 firmware release for those who wish to roll back from the current 12-Dec-2016 release which is reported to be buggy.

Photo Information

The photo at the top of the page shows part of the W0MDT repeater. From left to right and top to bottom:

  1.     VHF remote base power supply

  2.     444.075 power supply

  3.     Voltage and current monitoring for the dual Lambda power supply (not shown) for the 444.525 200 watt amplifier

  4.     FT-7800 link radio

  5.     Monitoring (444.525 hours and key-ups)

  6.     Scom 7330 connected to: FR-6000 (primary), link radio, FT-1DR which links to the DR-1 (not shown)

  7.     444.525 logging recorder

  8.     Icom FR-6000 FM/IDAS repeater (EFJ amplifier not shown)

  9.     Yaesu DR-1X 444.525 repeater

  10.     Tone board and ID/controller (added) for the GE Mastr II 444.525 backup repeater (seldom used)

  11.     GE Mastr II 100 watt repeater (top)