HF in the Park, April 12, 2014

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We had great attendance with around 37 Hams and guests showing up

Park2014-04 Great Attendance.jpg

Setup was near the parking lot

Park2014-04 Antennas going up.jpg

So simple a “child” could assemble it

Park2014-04 So simple a child could do it.jpg

Perhaps there were too many “supervisors”?

Park2014-04 Too Many Supervisors.jpg

Tailgating - Amateur Radio style

Park2014-04 CQ DX.jpg

The “business end” of a Buddipole portable antenna

Park2014-04 Business end of a Buddy Pole.jpg

An attractive addition to the park!        

Park2014-04 Nice addition to the park.jpg        Park2014-04 Dont drive away.jpg

But don’t forget about the antenna before driving away!

Now that’s a real portable HF antenna

Park2014-04 Portable Antenna Kit.jpg

Now it just needs to be connected to something - which took way longer than it should have, but the antenna did work nice once it was up (102’ flat top fed by 450 ladderline about 40’ up)

Park2014-04 Now all we need to do is connect it to something.jpg

Ralph, N0AWN, to the rescue helping Chris (K9EQ) and Brian (N0KBL) get the line up into the trees.

Ready, aim………………………………………………...Fire!

Park2014-4Fire.jpg                        Park2014-4 Ready Aim.jpg

What we have here is your basic monofilament line-eating tree!

Give me my line back!                                      Ralph can figure out how anything works!

Park2014-4 Recovering the line.jpg                 Park2014-4 Ralph can figure anything out.jpg

Mike, AD0CZ, working the “bird” (name corrected)

Park2014-04 Working the bird.jpg

Al, KD0KJI, operating the KX3 into a magnetic loop

Park2014-04 Working the magnetic loop.jpg

Until next month…..

Park2014-04 The Event.jpg

Thanks to N2PSR for the photographs and K0ORK, the main troublemaker

Park2014-4 Matthew Self Portrait.jpg          K0ORK.jpg

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