HF in the Park

Turtle Lake Park


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Even though it was a last-minute change, we had a great turnout. 50+. I really liked the location - so it’s nice to know there’s a good plan ‘B’. And please thank Chuck, K0ORK, for the quick response and finding another location!

HFP 2014-08_01.jpg


HFP 2014-08_02.jpg

Chuck (K0ORK) and Leon (K0LWD) apparently checking out 6 meter performance on a handy talky.


HFP 2014-08_03.jpg

Everyone was welcome. Hams, dogs, boys, girls, lost picnickers. People that were thousands of miles away via IRLP or HF. It didn’t matter. Everyone was welcome and all had a good time. What a great way to make new friends!


HFP 2014-08_04.jpg

Now that’s as clever idea for doing digital and still being able to see the screen!


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HFP 2014-08_06.jpg



HFP 2014-08_07.jpg

Chris (K9EQ) Rediscovering that it’s always good to have more tools than you need. Within a minute of showing up, I realized I had the wrong connector to take power from the power supply (A 2013 Chevy Volt).


HFP 2014-08_09.jpg


HFP 2014-08_10.jpg

Chris (K9EQ) demonstrating Icom Dstar vs Yaesu Fusion vs FM. We had a spectrum analyzer to look at the different waveforms. Radios were Yaesu FT1D and FTM400DR, and Icom ID-880 and IC-92AD. Later we joined an IRLP reflector which had 39 repeaters connected to it and heard calls from Anaheim, Torrance, Fremont, Santa Ynez (all Ca), Beaverton, Washington state, New Jersey, and Florida. All Q5 like they were there at the park. (BTW, we were able to work the Fusion repeater with only 2.5 mW to the antenna!)


HFP 2014-08_11.jpg


HFP 2014-08_12.jpg

The “universal” antenna support. I’ll remember that trick for next time.


HFP 2014-08_13.jpg


HFP 2014-08_14.jpg


Thanks to Matt, N2PSR for the photos.