More Catalogs

Some more catalogs from the past

1968 Lafayette Radio Electronics (16 MB)
1976 Heathkit (71 MB)
1986 Radio Shack (20 MB)

The Home First Computers

This week we take a look at three pioneers in the computer business:

From 1975 MITS' catalog featuring the Altair 8800 computer. (0.6 MB)
From the 1977 Southwest Technical Products catalog with their 6800-based computer. (5 MB)
From 1978 The Commodore PET catalog (0.5 MB)
From 1979 The Texas Instruments TI-99 (1.2 MB)
And from 1980 Ohio Scientific catalog with their products. (7 MB)

How far we have come! Be sure to check out memory size and prices!

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