Techniques and Projects

Today we are offering a variety of new old stuff that focuses on electronics and radio techniques and projects.

1958 From Popular Electronics magazine, The Experimenter's Handbook (15 MB)
1965 Again from Popular Electronics, The Experimenter's Handbook (8 MB)
1973 Electronics Theory Handbook (4 MB)
1973 Understanding Electronic Circuits (7 MB)

Handbook, Dictionary, and FixIt

For the New Old Stuff for this week, we present some reference materials.

The 1936 ARRL Handbook 14th Edition (54 MB)
The 1944 Allied Dictionary of Radio Terms (4 MB)
From Popular Science in 1946, the Third Radio Make It, Fix It Annual (6 MB)

Tubes, Tubes, tubes....

For today's new Old Stuff, we offer a collection of documents about tubes.

From 1951, a manual from Eimac, The Care and Feeding of Power Tetrodes (3 MB) You are feeding your tetrodes, aren't you?

1960 offers a document on Getting the Most out of Vacuum Tubes (13 MB)

From 1968, the RCA Tube Manual (28 MB)

All About FM

This week we have a couple of documents from the early 1940's explaining FM. At this time FM was very, very new. It had the benefit of reducing the noise one would hear on AM. A lot of work went into convincing the world that FM was the way of the future.

1941-All about FM (3 MB)
1941-GE FM Primer (4 MB)

The Story of Stereo 1960

From 1960 the story of stereo from having two ears to stereo LP's and FM!

The Story of Stereo 1960 (8 MB)